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sheep  camps

You can't get much more authentic and unique than spending a night under the stars in a sheep camp! These two were used as traditional sheep camps and would port to a new location each time sheep were trailed to new pasture. Now that the sheep business has become more of a hobby for our family, we have converted the camps into a cozy home to experience. 


The green camp sleeps two guests on one full-sized bed and the silver camp sleeps four guests on two full-sized beds. (There is also room for tents - please inquire about larger groups.) The camps are in close proximity to one another located on private property.


Whether you are a large group or a single soul, make these camps home while you do all of your Southern Utah backcountry exploring!


DEPOSIT:  If booking through Airbnb, there will be a $200 security deposit that will not be charged unless there is damage to the property or items are missing. If booking through PayPal, we ask half of the reservation to hold the dates. The other half of payment is due anytime after, up until one month prior to the check-in date.


BOOKING:  Please inquire if you need special accommodations or invoices sent to your business.  You can book through the following websites: Airbnb or Glamping HubYou can also book through me via PayPal please inquire.


Booking is now open for 2022! If booking more than one month in advance, know that all necessary information will be sent to the email you provide approximately one month prior to your check-in date. This avoids lost emails. The person renting the sheep camps must be 18 or older. No groups of minors are allowed without a representative adult present for the duration of the booking. The total number of occupancy is 6 guests + tent sites.


FEES & TAXES: There will be a standard cleaning fee of $35 added to each reservation. Taxes & website fees are additional. Taxes are compromised of a Utah Transient Room Tax of 5.57% and Utah Sales Tax of 7.10% totaling 12.67%. Payments made through PayPal subject to a 3% transaction fee if using a Credit Card. 


CANCELLATIONS: There will be a 100% refund issued up until one month prior to arrival. Any cancellation within a month is subject to a 50% refund unless those nights can be rebooked by another party. If nights are not rebooked, the 50% deposit is forfeited. If a cancellation is due to severe weather, a full or partial refund will be issued. (See next paragraph.)


ROAD CONDITIONS:  ***Please note*** if it rains on the North Fork Road, it may be impossible to reach the camps due to the mud. The clay in the road will stop even 4X4 and off-road vehicles.  The good news is that typically within 5-6 hours after a storm is finished and the sun has come out, the roads dry up enough to travel on them. Our "monsoon" season is from mid-July until the end of August & the chance of rain is higher during this time. If you are scheduled to rent the camps and it rains, wait it out and try in a few hours. If it does not stop raining and you are unable to make it to the camps, we will be happy to rebook your stay for another available time, issue you a credit or issue a refund. All refunds are at the discretion of the host. Rainstorms are few and far between here in Southern Utah, but we want our guests to be safe and know the potential dangers of the rain in case it comes during your stay. If you can drive into the camps and choose not to drive during your stay, no refund will be issued. Click HERE for current weather conditions in Zion National Park. 


WAIVER: Each person staying at the camps is required to read, sign & submit the Release of Liability & Acknowledgment of Risks Agreement to Zion Backcountry Glamping. Guests will be sent a copy of this waiver through their email after booking. Parents or Guardians of minors (under 18 years of age) must sign for underaged children. Please provide email addresses of members of your group who aren't in the same household, so they can read and sign.


LINENS: Linens & towels are optional. If you would like to bring your own sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, etc., feel free to do so! If you would like linens, please let us know how many people per bed. We have 3 full mattresses. Inside the Silver camp there are two beds. One bed pulls out from under the top. In the green camp, there is one bed. 


RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for your own actions and the safety of those in your party or who join you while at the campsite.  Each member staying at the camps is required to read and sign the Release of Liability and Acknowledgment of Risks Agreement before entrance to the property. Zion Backcountry Glamping is not responsible for travel to and from the site.


CHECK IN/CHECK OUT: Check-in time is 4:00 PM and check-out time is 11:00 AM unless prior arrangements have been made. We understand situations don't always go as planned, therefore we can be flexible with these times, especially if weather-related.


PETS: We love our furry, well-behaved friends, but please inquire first! It's important to be mindful and clean up after your pet.


CAMP ETIQUETTE: This simply means treating the living space as if it were your grandmother's house. If you use dishes, wash them, & put any trash in the trash bins, make sure the gas is turned off and extinguish any fire in the stove, etc. Respect the camps and the location.


SMOKING: No smoking is allowed inside the camps, in close proximity to the camps or combustible vegetation.  This is in compliance with the regulations and guidelines of the Utah Fire Department. It is extremely dry around the camps, please do not be careless about ashes.


FOOD: You will need to pack in your own food and beverages and pack out what you don’t consume. Please do not leave perishable food or liquid at the campsite as this invites critters. 


WATER: This is considered a dry campsite. There is no running water. We will provide water for solar showers, drinking water and water for washing dishes. There will be water for heating up to pour into wash basins for dishes. We provide (2) 5-gallon Primo water jugs inside the yurt for cooking and drinking purposes. If you think you will consume more water than what's provided, it is recommended that guests bring additional gallons.


SHOWER:  There is a propane heated shower located in a private shower area. Instructions are provided inside the camp. 

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