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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get to the yurt from Springdale?

A: It will take approximately 1.25 hours. The road is scenic and to get away from the crowds of Zion will be worth it!


Q: What is the elevation of the yurt?

A: The yurt sits on the side of a mountain at 6200 feet above sea level. The sheep camps sit at around 6300 feet above sea level. 


Q: Will I be sharing any part of the facility with other guests?

A: No. When you book the yurt, tipi, or sheep camps, they have their own spaces & own bathrooms. You will be more than a mile away from our other sites.

Q: Do you provide firewood? 

A: Yes! There is firewood for inside the sites as well as for the firepits. 

Q: Where is the closest grocery store?

A: The best grocery store is in the heart of Springdale, just south of Zion National Park. It is called Sol Foods and is about 30 miles from the campsites. 


Q: If I need to make a call, where is the closest reception?

A: Heading back towards Zion on the North Fork Road you will get reception approximately 6 miles from the Yurt Road turnoff. There will be a radio tower to the east. If you don't get reception there, just keep driving until you do. 


Q: Will my vehicle make it to the sites on the backcountry road?

A: Given dry conditions, any vehicle can make it. I have had a Mustang Convertible make it to the yurt, as well as a large RV camper and everything else in between. Where you will most need a car with higher clearance or 4x4 is during the "monsoon season" which is mid-July through the end of August. If you can arrange for a small SUV or truck, it's more favorable. 

Q: What do we do if it rains while we are at the sites?

A: This is where common sense and good judgement come into factor. We will not be able to communicate with you at the Glamping sites during a rainstorm. If you start to head back to Zion and the first quarter mile is slick, turn around and head back to the sites to wait it out. You will be far better off waiting for the storm to pass at the sites rather than in your vehicle on the side of the road in the mud stressed and panicked. Again, this completely up to the guests at this point whether you want to continue or turn around. We are not responsible for what happens when you drive on the county roads.


Q: At any point will I have to hike to get into the sites?

A: No - you can drive right up to the doors of all of our sites.


Q: How many yurts/sites are available to rent?

A: We just have the one yurt right now, as its own site. The sheep camps are rented together as a second separate site (regardless if you use both.) There will be just one tipi once it's put up (can sleep up to four) as a third separate site.


Q: Can I book during the winter months?

A: Currently, all of our sites are not open from mid-October through the end of April. This is because the county doesn't maintain the dirt road leading to the sites, which means snow and mud for most of the time. We also drain all the water from our system to prevent freezing and cracking. 


Q: Will I see bears, mountain lions or other wild animals? 

A: The chances are very slim. These wild animals in the backcountry are not used to seeing and interacting with humans like they might be in other parks (Yellowstone for example.) They want nothing to do with humans and are quite afraid of us. Unless cornered, they will be gone before you can get out your camera.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Yes! But, please inquire and let us know beforehand. All that we ask is that you be extremely mindful of any scratching inside and when your animal goes to the bathroom, it is picked up and disposed of in a trashcan. This will help future guests not accidentally step in your animal's droppings and also help us to keep allowing pets in the future. If there is a significant amount of droppings found, an extra cleaning fee may apply.

Q: What is the nearest established hiking trail?

A: Aside from the world famous Narrows hike, the closest hiking trail that we highly recommend is the Observation Point Trail just northwest of the Ponderosa Ranch. It's about a 6.6 round-trip hike with an incredible vista point at the end. Feel free to hike around the campsites as well and go exploring! 

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