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Tourism Information

Kane County Office of Tourism

Located in the heart of Southern Utah, is the magically unspoiled town of Kanab. The office of tourism is a great place to gather all information needed to fulfill your hiking, photography, boating, exploring or backcountry adventure. Kanab's backyard is surrounded by 10 of America's greatest scenic wonders!  


Click HERE for their website  



Zion National Park

All guests hiking the Narrows from the top down are required to have a permit. Group size for this hike is limited to 12. For a list of all canyons and hikes that require permits, or to reserve a permit, click HERE to be directed to the Wilderness Reservation System for Zion National Park.

Gear Rentals & Local Guiding

Zion Guru

Providing holistic outfitting and guided tours in and around Zion National Park. Join Jonathan & his team to help you be self-guided on your visit to Zion. They take the time to educate, so you have the confidence to visit Zion safely and happily. Zion Guru outfits daily for the Zion Narrows, trail hiking, self-guided canyoneering, provides custom trailhead shuttles & aids in trip planning. Find the perfect activity and natural connection to Zion for your group by visiting Zion Guru's website or store. Call (435) 632-0432


Click HERE for Zion Guru's website  


Zion Outfitters

Located in the Zion Canyon Village, this company offers access to a multitude of adventurous activities as well as a shuttle service to the backcountry. This company offers gear rentals for the hike. The  "Narrows Package" includes a 5 mm Neoprene sock and a wooden hiking pole for $23. During the Spring and Fall, when the water is colder, hikers can rent dry pants for an additional $18 or a dry suit for $28 extra. For more info call (435) 772-5090


Click HERE for Zion Outfitter's website  


Wilderness First Aid Basics

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