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     Glamping is camping with comforts. It is a way to step into the world of Mother Nature at your own pace. Disconnecting from the digital world, allowing you to connect with your surroundings, connect with each other or within. Allow yourself to hit the pause button and be rewarded with the brilliance of the backcountry.  

What is Glamping?

Zion Backcountry, Primitive Camping

"Not all who wander are lost"  ~J.R.R. Tolkien

Yurt Camping near Zion
Backcountry Glamping near Zion

Our mission

     Our goal was to build comfortable, beautiful structures that cater to a variety of people and lifestyles. One of our best features is the solitude and exposure to Mother Nature. Here, you won't find quiet hours, disruptive campers, or noise & light pollution. These sites provide the ultimate experience for those willing to go off the grid, off the main road, & into the backcountry. This space is where the tourist crowds disappear & the rugged, raw beauty appears.

The Terrain

     As the crow flies, the property is just over three miles from the east boundary of Zion National Park. This land is where our family calls home & has been in the Lundgren family for four generations & is still used for agriculture purposes today. In early June, we unload sheep to graze the nearby meadows and mid-to-late summer, cows roam the area adding to the uniqueness of the experience.


     This part of the country is home to textured red rock, blue skies, & numerous desert flora & fauna, making it an ideal spot for photographers.  Some of the animals you might spot include owl, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, mule deer, coyote, turkey, snakes, lizards, as well as many different types of birds. There is very little light pollution making the night sky dazzling & unforgettable. 

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